About Me


It all began with an idea in 2015.  I wanted to try and become an entrepreneur. I decided on candles. I wanted to make and sell something that everyone could love and use. I decided on candles and I wrote down fragrance names and a collection of candle ideas I would like to use. An Idea is where it remained for 4 yrs. With a chance meeting with a web designer who liked my ideas and began pushing me towards them. My web designer made me a mock candle which is a picture or image of a candle with your company name etc.. Seeing is believing once I saw that I ordered a candle kit and an electric burner. In my kitchen I began to test through  trial and error and many failed attempts. After several months I had finally perfected my candle and scent enough to give them a try on friends and family for free of course. The candles were a success and a hit with family and friends; they rave over the long lasting fragrance and how my candle melts all the way down. I continued to perfect my candles for several more months all while working a low paying job that I was not happy with.


I noticed while I was making candles or burn testing them, the fragrances uplifted my mood, relaxed and calmed me. Then it hit me my candles and fragrances are mood changers. My candles are fragrances that uplift your spirit and distress you. A few months later I got a better job as a paraprofessional. Christmas 2019 I gifted my perfected batch of candles to friends ,family and colleagues who just happen to be teachers so I was very nervous about the feedback. I didn't have to ask for feedback. My friends and family came to me to tell me how great my candles were. Colleagues said my candles have a great fragrance and they felt distressed from the daily pressure and stress as a teacher when they lit my candles. Fast forward to 2020, after all the hard work and dedication my signature scent - "Relax" now known as No 1; is the candle that made me believe I could do this. I guess all I needed to do was to Relax.


"Like I always say if it ain't a Chyenne Candle it's a Scandal."

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